Guidance Communications Portfolio

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Here are samples from a few of our projects. Unless otherwised noted, all content is copyrighted by the individual client and used by permission.

E-Learning and Training

"Analytics University"

Blended learning for analytics software and processes in the call center industry. Guidance has produced more than 11 hours of e-learning and 13 instructor-led courses. Formats include videos, practice exercises, virtual presentations, job aids, and self-paced learning guides. Guidance also consulted on the selection and implementation of the supporting Learning Management System.

Proprietary content, but here are a few modified screen images to give a taste.

Compliance Training for Cyber Security

We developed this instructor-led workshop to teach cyber-security requirements and procedures to power plant operators. The project included a PowerPoint, instructor guidance, and a participant guide with reference materials.

Customer Service Skills E-Learning

A comprehensive e-learning application for customer service representatives in the financial industry. Includes business simulations with audio, drag-and-drop exercises, printable surveys and more. Tools: Flash, Photoshop, SoundForge.

View full demo: Requires Flash player and popups enabled.

Art Education Web Site

The Alphabet of Art is a free art education site created by Guidance. It teaches the principles of visual design and how pictures convey emotion and meaning.

The site is based on manuscripts developed by the late Robert J. McKnight, and has been online since 1995. The current version (in progress) includes 3 new pages with interactive features illustrating the principles of size, light value, and texture. On the size page, for example, you can change the size of the Mona Lisa in relation to her background, to see the visual effect.

Visit the site. (Interactive effects require Flash.)

Business Process E-Learning

This low-cost e-learning application teaches a process for conducting compliance reviews and shows employees how to perform their tasks using custom-built software. Tools: Adobe Captivate with text-to-speech narration, PhotoShop. Flash, Microsoft Visio.

E-Learning for an eCommerce Site

A quick and friendly application for training users of a B2B eCommerce site. Guidance created the project from scratch, including instructional design, scripting, UI design, graphics and development. Tools: Adobe Captivate, PhotoShop.

Participant Guide

We developed this instructor-led course to teach IT consultants and system administrators how to implement a web-based document management system. This sample lesson teaches the process of setting up document workflows, and includes diagrams and examples.

View PDF File.

Technical Writing/Information Design

User Guide and Product Help

Documentation for a help desk remote-control application that works in both Windows and UNIX environments. Guidance produced the same information in several formats, including HTML Help, print/PDF, and server-based HTML guide. Tools: Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, RoboHelp, Acrobat.

View PDF sample.

system diagram

Quick Reference

A quick reference card for users of a B2B ecommerce product. Tools: Word, Photoshop.

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Software Reference Manual

We wrote this software reference manual for a complex database application used in construction cost estimating. The sample chapter includes concept explanations, window and field descriptions, and step-by-step procedures. Guidance designed and wrote the manual, as well as the accompanying Help project.

Tools: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, PaintShop Pro

View PDF.

Technical Marketing Communications

Technical Brochure

A technical overview for a suite of enterprise security applications. Guidance designed and wrote the content, and collaborated with an inhouse graphics designer on the final version.

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technical brochure

White Paper for an Enterprise Marketing Solution

This white paper explains the difficul issues marketers face in complying with consumer privacy laws. It reviews various partial solutions and then introduces a comprehensive solution embodied in our client's technology. We worked with the company's C-level executives to develop the detailed explanation of their solution and then write the white paper.

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Direct Mail Card and Landing Web Site

We wrote these pieces for a marketing campaign for a network monitoring service. The audience is data center managers and IT executives in large and mid-size companies. The direct mail card invites the reader to visit the web site, which in turn invites them to sign up for a demo.

View direct mail card (pdf).