Guidance Communications: What Our Clients (and Others) Say

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Guidance Communications delivered top-quality, professional training materials. They have a great aptitude for quickly understanding highly technical content and translating it into a format that is easily consumable for our customers. Guidance managed our project very well, with a thoughtful, organized approach to drive the requirements and planning process, and deliver a final product that met our expectations and timeline.

—Amelia Fusaro, President & COO, Wren Solutions

Personal Information Solutions (PSOL) is the B2C division of Equifax, a global leader in information solutions for consumers and businesses. We hired Guidance Communications to consult on an important knowledge management initiative. Working with our internal team, Guidance analyzed our large library of legacy content and developed standards for delivering it as actionable information to our call center agents. Guidance devised reusable templates for our team to apply the standards going forward. They also provided training in using the templates and in clear, effective writing. I'm very pleased with the results that Guidance produced under significant time constraints and within budget. I'm happy to recommend them without reservation.

—Glen Hasling, Director Process, Quality & Training
Personal Information Solutions from Equifax

Building Systems Design has worked with Guidance Communications Inc. on a number of projects. Guidance has designed and developed user guides, reference manuals, online help, and a multimedia guided tour for our software applications. They work very well with our internal staff and have always produced exceptional work, on time and within budget. I would definitely highly recommend their services to anyone.

—John R. Witherspoon, CEO, Building Systems Design, Inc.

My organization needed to tackle a very daunting issue—the need for User Interface Design Standards. Guidance Communications, with my (only) high level input, created a framework for not only standards, but re-usable tools, in the form of usability checklists. After creating that framework, which added structure and process where there was none, Guidance applied that structure by auditing all of our major products from a usability perspective. This project required a high degree of creativity, and Guidance brought that along with their proven experience, and self directed work ethic. I felt very comfortable at all times with the pace and quality of the work, and truly enjoyed the interactions throughout the project. I highly recommend Guidance for this type of work, as well as for any complex technical writing need.

—David Rubini, Director of Usability, Digital Insight (NASDAQ: DGIN)

I hired Jack Massa (of Guidance Communications) to head up several documentation and training projects at Mirant over several years. I was very busy myself and needed someone who could execute the projects with little supervision. We met weekly and I reviewed his work, but he took care of the rest, establishing relationships with the project team and getting up to speed on the subject matter. Some of the training involved complicated technology and processes. We also had a lot of changes taking place in the project teams and the company as a whole. But Jack pushed through and the results were appreciated by everyone including upper management.

Jack is versatile and can switch from technical writing to e-learning to creating instructor materials to delivering classroom training with no problem. I hope to work with him again if the opportunity arises.

—Holly Harkness, Technical Communication Manager, Mirant Corporation

Tridia Corporation is a global provider of secure, Internet-ready, cross-platform connectivity software for remote administration, support, and collaboration. Since 2003, Tridia has outsourced the development of our technical documentation and product Help to Guidance Communications. Guidance has proven themselves consistently ready and able to meet our customers' needs for clear, concise and usable information. And, by working with Guidance, we've realized considerable cost savings over using an in-house documentation staff. I am very pleased to recommend their services.

—Vince Frese, CEO, Tridia Corporation

They worked very well with our in-house staff and always produced quality, on-time work. I'm happy to recommend their services.

—Frank B. Fortson, President & CEO, eQuorum Corporation

Our customers look to us for compliance with federal and state privacy preference regulations. As such, accurate and effective communications are of paramount importance. We needed to improve the quality and effectiveness of our written communications on everything from e-mails to voluminous deliverable documents. Finally, we wanted expert advice on how effectively we communicated our value to potential customers. We called Guidance Communications.

Guidance learned about our business processes and then presented relevant fundamental training to all of our managers. This was followed by focused individual training with critical writers within our organization. The results have been tremendous and our written products now are representative of the quality service our company strives to deliver.

I highly recommend Guidance Communications' professional and expert services.

—Ken Sponsler, General Manager Consulting & Audit Services,

Guidance Communications did an excellent job for our company. We asked Jack Massa to work with four of our senior managers to improve the quality of their written communications. The four represented four different skill levels and each had a different area requiring improvement. Jack handled the assignment well. He developed individualized plans for each manager and focused each on specific concepts and techniques to address the key weaknesses. After several coaching and practice sessions, each manager came away with improved skills, an expanded writing toolkit, and greater confidence in undertaking their writing assignments. We would definitely recommend Jack and his approach and plan to use his services again.

—Rick Stauffer, Chief Operating Officer, PossibleNOW

Guidance Communications met my needs for a more clearly defined, repeatable training experience through a thoroughly documented curriculum....The incremental suggestions that Jack brought to the table added value to the decisions I made as the project progressed. Suggestions around Webex training and the modifications to the curriculum to be successful with it, Job Aids, and his execution on my suggestions were all very helpful.

—Michael Hutchison, Vice President Professional Services, NEXIDIA

Guidance Communications created a CD consisting of 70 interactive exercises to reinforce the information contained in one of our textbooks. We provided exercise concepts and scripts, and Guidance provided technical advice, artwork, and Flash programming.

From first contact, Jack was the consummate professional. From talking to him, it was clear that he knew his stuff, would be easy to work with, reliable, and responsive. From his samples, it was clear that the work would be of superior quality. I had no trouble choosing Guidance for the job because I was completely confident that Jack would make me look good!

Jack made every deadline (even when I didn't!) and we maintained a clear, honest, consultative dialog about the progress of the project. When I asked him if a concept was workable, the answer was almost always "yes". Several times after we had decided that an idea was probably not workable, Jack later figured out how to make it work. He seemed to relish the challenge!

There's not much that we could have asked from a consultant that Jack didn't deliver. I recommend Guidance enthusiastically.

—Nick Desoutter, Senior Associate, LOMA

MedQuist is the world's leading provider of integrated medical health information services and document managment. In June 2003, we hired Guidance Communications to develop an interactive demo for our sales force. This presentation simulates one of our web-based applications and helps our sales team present its benefits to prospective customers. Guidance interacted well with our internal staff and developed the demo in three working days. They were very flexible in working within our schedule and produced excellent work for us. I'm very pleased to recommend their services.

—Charlie VanHecke, Director of Training, MedQuist

Guidance Communications, Inc. consulted with eQuorum from 1997 through 2000, producing a wide variety of communications, including technical documentation, training materials, web pages, and multimedia sales demos for our products and services.

Their work was always clear, effective and accurate, and earned us very favorable comments from customers. They interacted very well with people at all levels of our organization, both in implementation of projects and in generating ideas for enhancements and improvements. They are very highly productive, turning out high volume, high quality work.

I enthusiastically recommend their services.

—Agnes Lewis, former CEO, eQuorum Corporation

Thank you for sending me your draft (User Guide). I was very impressed by its simplicity and clarity. I consider it a great achievement to be able to present to users a simple interface to a complex system, and you have accentuated those essentials any manager would need in order to drive this application and derive value from rather sophisticated inquiries and analysis.

—Michael Kamfonas, Enterprise Data Warehouse Lead Architect,
The Home Depot

I was fortunate to work with Jack Massa on some very complicated data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives at The Home Depot. Jack is very proactive, has great communications skills, and is a very talented writer. He has a true knack for putting very complex concepts into simple words so that all can understand. I look forward to, hopefully, working with Jack again in the future.

—Dan Ricks, President, Bright Water Consulting

WordCraft has hired Guidance Communications to write and edit customer profiles and other technical marketing documents for our technology clients, including Cisco Systems. We've found Guidance's work to be consistently thorough, thoughtful, prompt, and reliable. They show unusual skill in finding just the right words for effective marketing copy.

—Ruth Hartman, Principal, WordCraft

When we were creating a marketing campaign for an IT client, we hired Guidance Communications to do the copywriting. They produced a direct mail piece and web page copy for us with quick turnaround. The subject matter was complex and technical (computer network support services), but the copy was easy-to-read and on-target.

If you need help with IT technical writing, call Guidance Communications.

—T.J. Sharitz, President, The Sharitz Group

Thanks for taking the time to get into my copy and need to express a highly complex personal experience. Your interest, responsiveness, on point questions to unearth the right information enabled you to say what had to be said and I've been trying to say for many years. I did lots of online research to uncover the right writer. Probably received proposals from twenty or so, but I could not be more pleased with the result.

—Steve Brier, Principal, Practical Growth, Inc.

Coverdell & Company hired Guidance Communications to create a User Guide for our web publishing system. They produced excellent work for us in a short time frame. The guide includes clear and complete instructions, as well as diagrams illustrating the concepts and workflow. Guidance did a great job of explaining complex material and helping our non-technical readers learn the system quickly.

—Sarah Abend, Creative Director, Coverdell & Company

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jack Massa over the past 14 months. Since January of this year, Jack and I have both served on the executive board for a local chapter of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) - a nonprofit association made up of ~500 members.

You learn a lot about someone's capabilities, discipline, and accountability while serving in a volunteer role. Jack's role within the chapter is and continues to be critical - VP of Technology. In that role he has led the project team that was responsible for creating a whole new platform and website for the chapter. As you might imagine, this was quite a complex feat that was accomplished on time, under budget, and with 95% volunteer help!

I would not hesitate to recommend Jack!

—Mark Myette, MBA, CPLP, 2011 President, Greater Atlanta ASTD

Jack undertook the very challenging task of taking our entire web presence from a service provider so that we could host and manage it ourselves. He coordinated our internal team and external technical resources to ensure that we had the needed hosting, content management and functionality needed.

Jack's patience and perseverance was invaluable - as a member of an all-volunteer executive team, it's often challenging to coordinate schedules, wrangle the needed input and content and make it all come together as seamlessly as Jack was able to do.

Jack was fantastic in making all of us aware of the impact of our decisions and worked tirelessly to meet an aggressive timeline. I applaud his efforts!

—Steve Maul, 2011 President-Elect, Greater Atlanta ASTD

Jack Massa's tenure as VP Technology continues to amaze. Jack has been a dedicated volunteer leader in delivering Greater Atlanta's new web site (check it out - and creatively proving many web-based solutions for the chapter. Jack and team delivered the new site on time and under budget. The site promises both efficient and effective communications with our members across the state. The user experience is much improved too. Jack's technical and communication acumen as well as practical approach to problems have definitely benefited our chapter.

—Don Bolen, 2010 Chapter President, Greater Atlanta ASTD

As the FreeLance Forum's Website Manager, I've worked with Guidance Communications for several years. On a monthly basis, we rely on them to upload information to our site, including new text, PDFs, and photos. We've also worked with them on several projects to enhance site features. In every case, their work has been consistently efficient, timely, and reliable. I enthusiastically recommend their service to anyone who is looking for a great Web partner.

—Steven Knapp, Web Committee Manager, The Freelance Forum

Guidance Communications analyzed our site, made some great observations and made clear recommendations for our website. We will certainly use them on all our future projects. We highly recommend them.

—Manuel Lopez, Marketing Director, Landlord2Landlord

They are dynamite at what they do.

—Charles Rieger III, Chief Technology Officer, eQuorum Corporation

Jack Massa is the best marketing writer I know.

—Beth Aholoa, Consultant

This guy's looking for a doc writer. I told him you're the best.

—Mary Menz, Copywriter and Editor

Jack is one of the best writers and editors in the technical communications industry. Period.

—Doug Davis, President and CEO, ProEdit, Inc.

The (Guidance Communications) site looks great....Interactivity is cool and compelling. Very impressive!

—Patrick Cumby, President, Eden Street Software

Just wanted to tell you that I visited your website and liked your online portfolio so much, that I'm recommending that my students look at it as an example.

—Saul Carliner, Assistant Professor, Bentley College;
Former International President, Society for Technical Communication

...This shows why web masters who are also language pros are a such a valuable find. Do you use that as a marketing differentiator with prospects? If not, you should.

—Barbara Wilkes, Wilkes Communications

Wanted to tell you again how much I thought of your presentation (on multimedia authoring) at Currents. It was well paced, well packed, and presented clearly.

—Gerald Cohen, Technical Communications Consultant

I was looking at our home page and it looks GREAT. Its informative as well as very attractive. Just wanted to let you know.

—Rama Attaluri, Senior Software Developer, eQuorum Corporation

(The Alphabet of Art) is a great site.

—Pat Hickox, Docent, New British Museum of American Art

I have grown up with art my whole life and know art intuitively, but needed an outline of elements that made sense to me. This site is perfect for my needs and I will definitely use it for teaching.

—Jessie Kroeck, Santa Rosa, CA

This is a great resource site for beginning fine art and design students and anyone else interested in understanding art from a technical perspective.

—, review of the Alphabet of Art site